Phoenix Cycles

Southwest London's Brompton & Moulton Experts


We Service Bromptons & Other Bikes

Yes, we have specialist Brompton services available as well as offering repairs & servicing of many models of bicycle. 

Minor repairs can often be handled straightaway. Major repairs & servicing may be booked by phoning 0207 738 2766


Specialist Brompton Bike Service 

Have your Brompton cleaned and serviced by a Brompton expert. Phoenix Cycles is a specialist shop and Brompton Premier Store, holding Brompton's highest level of certification

26 years of selling & servicing Bromptons make us one of London's most experienced dealers and we can deal with your Brompton's repairs too

We carry thousands of Brompton parts for servicing and can usually turn work around the same day when booked in advance

Booking is essential, although we may be able to do small repairs ad hoc

Call 0207 738 2766 for an appointment or stop by with your Brompton for a quotation

Free courtesy Brompton available while your  Brompton is being serviced!


Other Bikes Serviced

While we specialize in small wheels, we can fix most kinds of bikes!

Servicing starts at £50 plus parts and will be quoted for on an individual basis

Call 0207 738 2766 to book an appointment or stop by with your bike for a quotation

Booking is essential, although we may be able to do small repairs ad hoc


Brompton Specialist Repairs

rear puncture, including tube £20.00

replace rear hinge, including parts £75.00

replace main frame hinge, including parts £45.00

replace seat sleeve, including parts £45.00




Rear Wheel Rebuilds

With high mileage use, wheels may need extra attention. For half the price of a new wheel we can rebuild your existing one with Brompton-supplied parts


Full Service & Cleaning

With every full service, your bike gets a proper strip down and clean in our parts washer - remember, the silver parts should be silver!