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Electric Brompton

Brompton is launching the most compact e-bike in the world. Super portable weighing in at under 15kg, the bike has an integrated battery system delivering a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge. 

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Providing a smooth ride and a powerful and efficient motor the Electric Brompton delivers a beautifully balanced ride.

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Available in Black and White editions, the M type has a built in 20 Lux DC light running off the battery. The bike has smartphone connectivity though a newly developed Brompton Electric app.

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Battery Life

The battery charges to full in five hours and offers a range of up to 50 miles. The battery has a USB charging port  for charging of mobile devices on the go.

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Weighing between 13.7kg and 14.5 kg dependant on model the Electric Brompton is still the ultimate in portable bicycle. The battery in bag pack weighs an additional 2.9 kg.

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Available in 2 speed and 6 speed models the bike offers 4 modes with straight peddling alongside three assist modes. 

Prices start at £2,595 for the 2 speed, rising to £2,715 for the 6 speed. 

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