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Frequently Asked Questions…

How long will it take to service my Brompton?

If the bike is booked in we usually turn it around the same day, and remember: we can offer you a courtesy Brompton!


How often should I get my Brompton serviced?

It depends how heavily the bike is used: a low mileage user will be fine with a service once a year, a commuter would benefit from a service every 6 months


What is the difference between a Brompton and a Moulton?

Moultons are not folding bikes, although most separate into two halves. With their full suspension, Moultons provide a fantastically comfortable ride over longer distances

If you require a compact folding bike the Brompton is unbeatable


Bromptons are expensive - do you do any cheaper folding bikes?

Due to their build quality, reliability and ability to be easily serviced, a Brompton bike is an investment that you will enjoy for many years. We haven't seen another brand that comes close to the standard Brompton has set for folding bikes 


Can I carry luggage on a Brompton?

Models can be supplied with a rear rack. Brompton’s front luggage options are truly innovative and one of the best integrated luggage systems of any bike. We offer a selection of Brompton bags of various sizes, including waterproof options


Are leather saddles comfortable?

Although it is true that they need a breaking-in period, once properly treated they are one of the most comfortable saddle choices - and of course lend traditional hand crafted elegance to any bike


Do you provide a free service when buying a new bike?

Yes we always urge customers to come back after 100 miles for a free check up


How long have you been selling Bromptons?

We have been trading in Battersea, southwest London for 26 years and are one of the longest serving Brompton dealers


What is the single most important thing I can do to the bike to improve its performance?

Pump the tyres up every 1 to 2 weeks - this helps to prevent punctures too! Depending on rider weight, 80psi for the front tyre and 90 psi for the rear is comfortable. Heavier riders may prefer to run both tyres at 100 psi


Any other questions?

Give us a call and we'll be happy to help: 0207 738 2766